Brinks Webinar | Protecting Your Creative Look: Strategic Use of Design Patents
August 17, 2016

On August 17, Trevor K. Copeland and Daniel Parrish will speak at the Brinks webinar entitled, “Protecting Your Creative Look: Strategic Use of Design Patents.”


Design patents have long been undervalued in protecting products not generally viewed as “ornamental,” but the Apple v. Samsung litigations and other high-profile cases have brought them more attention.

In particular, design patents can add significant value to a well-rounded patent portfolio. The currently-powerful damages provisions peculiar to design patents offer a powerful enforcement tool and deterrent to competitive look-alikes. Contrary to what one may believe from their simple form, design patents require a great deal of careful strategy and planning if they are to provide the best possible value. 

This webinar will provide an introduction to design patents and strategies for drafting, prosecuting, and enforcing them effectively – including in technologies as varied as medical devices, household tools, lawn equipment, and computer icons.