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International Trademark
Brinks Gilson & Lione provides a worldwide legal protections to ensure that our clients are able to obtain and maintain all available legal protections.

With Brinks’ experience as a leading intellectual property law firm and our vast array of international resources, our attorneys are equipped to handle all aspects of our clients’ trademark issues. Whether prosecuting applications, leading large scale international disputes or negotiating worldwide co-existence agreements, Brinks is the only firm you’ll need to protect your trademarks throughout the world.

Selected Representative Matters
  • Handled a global rebrand in over 80 jurisdictions for one of our clients house marks that required synchronized filings in order to maintain complete confidentiality so that infringers half way around the world could not use time differences to get infringing applications on file during the client’s filing window.
  • Had two large scale two story infringing signs removed off the side of a building in Kua Lumpur on behalf of a client.
  • Seized a warehouse full of counterfeit clothing, had our client’s mark declared famous before the Philippines Supreme Court, handled the ensuing criminal investigation related to that seizure including getting a motion granted requiring the defendant to remain in his home country pending resolution of the dispute because he was an international flight risk.
  • Won a cancellation action in Australia based not on our client’s use but based on the number of our client’s loyalty program members living in Australia.
Trademark Search and Clearance

When searching new marks, we offer our clients a number of different search options. Our experience has taught us that each client is unique and each search should be tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Counsel and Strategy

Beyond searching new marks, we offer our clients a great deal of individual counsel and strategy. Formulating an international filing strategy prior to applying is essential in today’s ultracompetitive business climate. With ever-increasing costs, a client and its legal counsel must work together to formulate the best strategy for international trademark protection, whether it be a Madrid Protocol filing or a CTM (European Union) application. Our experienced attorneys can help a client of any size achieve the best possible protection for its new marks.

Foreign Associate Network

Once an application is filed, Brinks will continue to provide increased value to clients. In the nearly 100 years that we have been involved in protecting our clients’ international trademarks, we have built up a vast array of foreign associates. These foreign associates are not anonymous names, but skilled attorneys from nearly every country in the world. Brinks has worked with many of these foreign associates for years, forming personal bonds and long-standing trusts. These foreign associates are all among the finest attorneys each country has to offer and each provide unique insight into his or her home country. It is through these international relationships that Brinks is able to quickly and effectively navigate trademark applications through so many countries. Knowing the intricacies of each country’s Trademark Office is invaluable knowledge that we at Brinks pass along to our clients through reduced costs and increased speed.

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