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As the economies of the world become more reliant on one another, it is becoming increasingly important for both businesses and individuals to formulate an international patent strategy.  At Brinks Gilson & Lione, our International Patent Group provides a wide variety of services to ensure that our clients are able to obtain, maintain and assert their international patent rights in an effective manner.

The International Patent Group at Brinks offers our clients a wealth of experience and an impressive infrastructure for filing and prosecuting patent applications throughout the world.  The Group includes partners, associates, patent agents and scientific advisors, all with considerable skill in filing and prosecuting international patent applications. 

 Not only do our seasoned attorneys understand the importance of getting to know a client personally, they also know how important it is to understand a client’s invention and business model—both inside and out—so as to formulate an effective international filing strategy.

By working closely with a select group of foreign associates at firms around the world, we are able to provide a cross-border, multi-faceted approach in solving IP issues.  Being able to leverage our experience and international relationships enables us to quickly and effectively navigate patent applications through so many countries.  Understanding the intricacies of each country’s patent office is an invaluable knowledge that we pass along to our clients through reduced costs and increased speed.

Our forward thinking approach is how we help our clients.

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