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Patent Prosecutors Copeland, Parrish Present Webinar on Strategic Use of Design Patents
August 17, 2016

CHICAGO—Trevor K. Copeland and Daniel Parrish, patent prosecutors at intellectual property law firm Brinks Gilson & Lione, presented the webinar “Protecting Your Creative Look: Strategic Use of Design Patents,” on August 17, 2016.

Copeland and Parrish discussed design patents and their value as a deterrent to competitive look-alikes. They offered strategies for drafting, prosecuting, and enforcing design patents effectively—including in technologies as varied as medical devices, household tools, lawn equipment, and computer icons.

Copeland has drafted and prosecuted dozens of issued utility and design patents. He also advises on patent acquisition and portfolio management strategies, providing sophisticated analyses of the scope and validity of existing patents for defensive and offensive business planning. Copeland’s experience in utility and design patent litigation further informs his work as a patent counselor and strategist.

Parrish serves intellectual property clients with medical device, aerospace, and computer software innovations, predominantly in patent prosecution, opinion work, and all phases of trial practice. His six years of experience as a biomedical engineer helps him understand the complexities and challenges of technology design and implementation, and how these can be leveraged in patent applications and adverse proceedings.

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