Area of Focus | Nanotechnology



Carbon nanotubes. Molecular engineering. Mechanochemistry. These are all terms that can make anyone’s head spin over the sheer complexity of the technical definitions. Yet, the ever-changing science of nanotechnology —working as it does at the atomic level— continues to offer sweeping changes and apparently limitless possibilities in medicine, biology, chemistry, materials science, electronics, communications, and other disciplines. 

At the same time, nanotechnology also raises a wide range of important legal IP challenges that are cross-border and transnational in nature which affect many businesses today, no matter the size.  This may include the protection of commercial ownership rights, application of new technologies, raising R&D capital, preparing and prosecuting patent applications, as well as managing one’s IP portfolio and assets.  

With over 75 years of experience in obtaining intellectual property protection for innovations in a broad array of disciplines, including in biotechnology, chemistry, electronics and communications, manufacturing, materials sciences, and pharmaceuticals, Brinks Gilson & Lione attorneys understand the unique nature of innovations in nanotechnology and are well qualified to help clients protect their inventions.  Our practice is comprised of more than ten attorneys with PhD’s in addition to the advisors who are chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists, and materials scientists.  It allows us to provide a multi-dimensional approach to delivering top notch legal services.

Understanding the technology behind many of our clients’ businesses is critical.  In the field of nanotechnology, no detail is considered too small for our attorneys. 

Our approach to providing customized legal solutions in this highly technical field is how we earn the trust of our clients and develop long-term relationships. 

It is how we move forward.

Forward Thinking