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In today’s global economy, navigating patent laws can be a challenging, daunting endeavor.  Deciphering the latest caselaw from the courts or requirements from the USPTO can prove to be just as complex as a simple mechanical invention going to market. 

Brinks Gilson & Lione attorneys are experienced with all the mechanical arts, from the most basic articles to complicated machinery.  This experience includes obtaining patents, advising on right to use for contemplated commercial products, negotiating agreements and licenses, post grant proceedings, and litigating issues involving patents and trade secrets.  Areas of mechanical technology in which the firm has been involved include electrical connectors, plastic molding, automotive components, machine tools, industrial equipment, beverage cans, packaging and textile machinery, power tools, construction equipment, steel-making equipment, energy generation and power transmission , robotics, commercial products, athletic footwear, medical devices, exercise machines, to name a few. 

Fluent with all aspects of intellectual property rights in the mechanical arts, we use this experience on a daily basis to provide high-quality, cost-effective services to our clients in the mechanical fields.  Being able to combine our legal knowledge, practical industry experience and strong technical insight enables us to create customized, forward thinking solutions for your legal IP needs.

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