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Green Technology

Our Green Technology Practice Group has deep technical and legal experience in all aspects of developing, procuring, defending, and enforcing intellectual property rights across the spectrum of green technologies. Throughout our legal processes, we employ sustainable practices and consider ourselves pioneers in the protection of green technologies and our environment.

With more than 35 attorneys and agents focused in the green technology space, this practice group offers a wealth of experience in green technology acquired through our work in all aspects of developing, procuring, and litigating intellectual property rights. We have all the tools to assist with the creation, protection and commercialization of IP rights for our clients. 
Our Green Technology Practice Group comprises a diverse collection of attorneys and scientific advisors who can address the challenges faced by companies in this rapidly expanding field. Our practitioners possess a wealth of talent acquired through years of experience in all aspects of developing, procuring, and litigating intellectual property rights for green technologies and sustainable practices ranging from solar power to organic foods.
Brinks has the multidisciplinary experience and advanced degrees in a wide range of technical backgrounds, including chemistry, biology, nanotechnology, as well as structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. The areas we focus on include, but are not limited to:

  • Biofuels
  • Green Buildings
  • Hybrid and electrical vehicles, batteries and fuel cells
  • Organic agriculture
  • Solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear and geothermal energy devices
  • Sustainable synthetic chemistry methodologies
  • Waste treatment, recycling and atmospheric pollution
  • Water conservation and purification
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