Four Years? Capture Your Competitive Advantage Now! - Obtaining a Patent Using USPTO's Prioritized Examination Process
Published By Institute for Energy Law November 06, 2014

Brinks' Craig Buschmann (SLC) recently published an article, 'Four Years? Capture Your Competitive Advantage Now!' discussing how to obtaining a patent quickly by using the prioritized examination process established at USPTO by the America Invents Act (AIA), in Energy Law Advisor—an organization focused on emerging legal issues and important developments affecting the energy industry and energy policy.

Resource scarcity, commodity prices, competition, and regulation all drive research and development in the oil and gas industry; in 2012, the largest exploration and production companies and oilfield service companies combined to spend more than $16.1 billion on R&D. Craig's piece was therefore a timely take on securing protection for chemical and mechanical innovations expeditiously—to monetize IP, preempt infringers, and/or create value in advance of an acquisition. His article reviews the requirements and costs of Track 1 prioritized examination, and alludes to examples of situations where Track 1 makes sense.

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