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Brinks Shareholder Robert Mallin is Quoted in IPWatchdog
Published By IPWatchdog
February 24, 2019

On February 24, 2019, Brinks Shareholder was quoted in the IPWatchdog article, "Return Mail Reaction: Patent Bar Sampling Narrowly Favors Finding for Petitioner."

Excerpt below. 

On February 19, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Return Mail Inc. v. United States Postal Service—one of two IP cases the Court heard that week. The courtroom for the Return Mail hearing was particularly full of press because it was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s first hearing following a recent hiatus to have nodules on her lungs removed.

. . . .

Justice Alito provided perhaps the most memorable (and possibly most brutally candid) statement of the day. Specifically, after numerous questions and answers regarding what Congress intended when it used the word “person” in connection with filing a CBMR petition pursuant to Section 18(a)(1)(B) of the AIA, Justice Alito stated:

“If we indulge the possible fiction that Congress actually gave a second of thought to the issue that’s before us . . .. [Why would] Congress have wanted to treat the government differently from a private party as to these AIA proceedings?  But on the other side . . . [why would] Congress have wanted different estoppel rules to apply to the government?”

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