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Intellectual Asset Management

Today, there is a growing awareness among company executives and investors that their company’s intellectual property and know-how not only fuel product and service development and sales, but are also providing new revenue streams through licensing and selling those intellectual assets. Portfolio mining and inventory planning have become critically important as business leaders begin to identify, manage and leverage their company’s intellectual assets to achieve strategic goals.

The Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Group at Brinks Gilson & Lione realizes the importance of linking your company’s intellectual asset development and strategies to business and product strategies. The IAM Group understands that intellectual property assets are both legal and business assets, and will work with you to ensure that useful, timely and accurate information is provided to key decision makers within the company, enabling them to direct operations that maximize value and portfolio leveragability.

The IAM Group encompasses a wide spectrum of experience because our lawyers have familiarity in not only the legal complexities involved in business, but also the technological and industry experience needed to provide counseling and assistance to large, medium and small companies with patent, trademark and copyright portfolios, as well as associated trade secrets and know-how. With backgrounds and experience in areas such as medical device, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology to electrical and electronic components, communications, automotive, computer software and hardware, and Internet and business methods, IAM Group lawyers work with you to identify and manage your intellectual assets to maximize value and portfolio leveragability.

As the field of intellectual asset management has grown, Brinks has responded by expanding the depth and breadth of its intellectual asset management practice to fit the needs of its clients, including IP creation, protection, assessment, portfolio management and value extraction. IAM Group members provide services in the following areas:

  • Portfolio management and support, including performing portfolio classification, mapping and analysis
    • Asset mapping identifies underutilized and under-leveraged assets hidden within large portfolios, provides corporate intelligence of competitor portfolio development trends, as well as industry/technology growth trends, and creates opportunities for intellectual asset licensing—both inbound and outbound.
    • Analysis of portfolios also identifies gaps and redundancies in technology and other aspects of a portfolio.
  • Linking intellectual asset/portfolio development strategies to business and product strategies
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Product clearance and risk assessment
  • Validity/Infringement analyses and opinions


Whether we’re working with small entities to employ basic intellectual asset strategies, counseling and assisting large corporations to implement or improve their portfolio management practices, or taking a mid-size company’s intellectual asset management strategy to the next level, the IAM Group has the experience and know-how needed in today’s developing intellectual asset management environment.