Protecting original works of authorship is a priority for our clients. Brinks provides exceptional copyright law capabilities spanning diverse fields, including book, magazine and music publishing; photocopying; sound recordings; the visual arts; television and motion pictures; theater and dance; architectural works; compilations and databases; computer software; video games; multimedia; virtual reality; and the Internet.

In addition, we have a breadth of experience when it comes to protecting the copyrights of a corporation. Whether the issue involves protecting Internet sites, multinational transactions, licensing or work-for-hire agreements, Brinks attorneys are fully experienced and prepared. We assist clients with copyright audits; registrations; clearance opinions; due diligence investigations; copyright status reports; ownership and history reports; questions of fair use and permissions; and international copyright opinions.

When required, our experienced copyright litigators do not hesitate to go to court to uphold and enforce our clients’ rights.