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December 6, 2011
Jennifer Harris

Corporate Counsel Ranks Brinks Among Busiest Patent Litigation Firms in United States

CHICAGO – Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione has been ranked by Corporate Counsel as one of the busiest patent litigation firms in the United States.

Corporate Counsel evaluated more than 300 law firms and ranked them by the number of patent cases in which they appeared in 2010. “Brinks' deep bench of experienced patent trial lawyers, many of whom have advanced scientific and technical degrees and work experience, makes Brinks a highly sought-after litigation firm and is a tremendous asset to our clients in this rapidly changing and innovative world,” said Ralph J. Gabric, a Brinks shareholder and chair of the firm's patent litigation practice. “Our lawyers are not only talented trial practitioners, but they also are deeply versed in patent law and the technology the law is designed to protect and to help expand. At Brinks, protecting and nurturing our clients' intellectual property is a top priority.”

Corporate Counsel noted that there was an uptick in district court patent infringement lawsuits in 2010, driven primarily by non-practicing entities (NPEs) and ongoing litigation related to smartphone patents in particular, including for products or technologies owned by Apple, Samsung and HTC Corporation. The publication also pointed out that rapidly changing technology has caused the courts to reassess how patent disputes are prosecuted and how damages are awarded, while companies continue to seek ways to protect their innovations.

Brinks attorneys also are in demand among their peers for their patent litigation expertise. In 2011, several patent attorneys at Brinks wrote about or presented on the changing patent litigation environment. Shareholders Cynthia A. Homan, formerly chair of the firm’s appellate practice, and Charles M. McMahon published Patents & the Federal Circuit, Tenth Edition, and shareholders Timothy Q. Delaney, formerly chair of the firm's patent litigation practice, and Janet Pioli contributed a chapter to Aspatore’s Navigating Recent Mobile Patent Lawsuits. Brinks shareholder and co-chair of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical practice Jeffry M. Nichols published “Patent Validity Challenges in the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry,” in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry in September.

Mr. Gabric gave two presentations in 2011 on patent litigation topics: “Developing Proactive Procedures and Strategies Today For the Flood of Biosimilar Litigation Tomorrow: From the Exchange of Patents to be Litigated to Project Launch” at the American Conference Institute’s 2nd Annual Conference on Biosimilars in New York, and “Patent Litigation Issues on Chemicals, Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industry” at the 3rd International Intellectual Property Rights Conference, Global IP Convention in Bangalore, India.

Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the United States and serves the intellectual property needs of clients around the world. Brinks has 150 attorneys, scientific advisors and patent agents who specialize in intellectual property litigation and all aspects of patent, trademark and copyright law. The firm also advises on issues relating to intellectual asset management, trade secret, unfair competition, and technology and licensing agreements. Brinks routinely handles assignments for companies in the electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering sectors; the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and nanotechnology industries; and for companies whose work relates to Internet and computer technology law. The firm’s trademark practice works on behalf of clients who deal in a wide variety of products and services. Brinks is based in Chicago and has offices in Ann Arbor, Mich., Indianapolis, Ind., Research Triangle Park, N.C., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Washington, DC. More information is available at