G. Peter Nichols

“I see my role as providing high-value service. That is, well thought-out, intelligent recommendations to clients that are cost conscious and informed by an understanding of their unique business risks.”

Peter Nichols has been practicing patent law for more than 25 years. He currently focuses his work on patent prosecution, patent office contentious proceedings, counseling, and opinions. He has experience in a broad range of subject areas, including chemicals, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, wearable technology, green technology, electronics, and mechanical technologies. He also has previous patent litigation experience that adds significant depth to his current practice.

Peter’s patent prosecution work includes direct and supervisory responsibility for the preparation and prosecution of United States utility and design applications, and foreign and PCT patent applications. He also represents clients in ex parte and inter partes reexaminations in the U.S. Patent Office and in opposition proceedings before the Australian Patent Office, the Chilean Patent Office, and the European Patent Office. Peter’s counseling experience includes proactive strategic advice with respect to the development, creation, and management of patent portfolios.

Representing leading companies in sectors as diverse as consumer electronics, power tools, mining equipment, household goods, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics, Peter is known for his deep understanding of his clients’ business operations. His strategic counsel is informed by the real-world business risks faced by his clients. Peter is always thinking forward on behalf of his clients, advising them on how case law might affect patent procurement strategies or their existing valuable portfolios, and keeping abreast of future changes.

  • J.D.,
    DePaul University College of Law, 1989
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering
    University of Minnesota, 1981
Bar Admissions
  • Illinois
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Fed. Cir.
  • U.S. Dist. Court, N.D. Illinois
  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Experience | Overview
  • On behalf of an international mining equipment manufacturer, secured a global patent portfolio protecting resource delivery equipment that has since been licensed and used widely in the sector.
Experience | Legal
Brinks Gilson & Lione, Chicago, Illinois
Shareholder, 1998-Present
Associate, 1989-1997
Experience | Non-Legal
Commonwealth Edison, Chicago, Illinois
March 1982-August 1986
Experience | Civic Activities

Wilmette Hockey Association
Board Member 2004-2007

  • “The Pros and Cons of Utility Models: An International Overview,” speaker, Intellectual Property Owners Association’s one-hour webinar, February 18, 2010
Representative Matters
Bioleaching Patents and Applications
  • 7,727,510 (VanBuuren), June 1, 2010, "Method of and Apparatus for Simulating a Biological Heap Leaching Process". Relates to a method for simulating a microbiological leach process that includes monitoring the temperature of material inside a volume and separately controlling the operation of a plurality of heat sources.
  • 7,563,304 (Du Plessis et al.), July 21, 2009, "Heap Bioleaching Process". Relates to a method for operating a microbial mediated ore heap that includes adding organic carbon to the heap.
  • 7,494,529 (DeKock, et al.), February 24, 2009, "Optimization of Bioleaching Process". Relates to a process to control inorganic and organic compounds in a raffinate solution to levels below that which could be inhibitory to microbial activity of bioleaching strains used in the process.
  • 7,494,529 (DeKock, et al.), February 24, 2009, "Optimization of Bioleaching Process". Relates to a process to control inorganic and organic compounds in a raffinate solution to levels below that which could be inhibitory to microbial activity of bioleaching strains used in the process.
  • 2011/0201095 (Rautenbach, et al.), August 18, 2011, "Method of Treating a Sulphide Mineral". Relates to a method of treating a sulfide mineral by bioleaching the mineral in a chloride ion solution with a mixed culture consortium.
  • 2011/0023662 (Dew, et al.), February 3, 2011, "High Temperature Leaching Process". Relates to a method for conducting a bioleaching process that includes culturing a mixed inoculum of moderate thermophilic and thermophilic microorganisms.
  • 2010/00120123 (DuPlessis, et al.), May 13, 2010, "Accelerated Heat Generation in Heap Bioleaching by Controlled Carbon Dioxide Addition". Relates to a method for increasing the level of heat generated in a heap by adding carbon dioxide to the air flow directed into the heap.
  • 2008/0173133 (Rorke), July 24, 2008, "Bioleaching Process Control". Relates to a process for bioleaching a sulphide mineral slurry in a reactor that is controlled in response to the measured or inferred oxygen demand of the slurry.
Chemical Processing Patents and Applications
  • 8,197,575 (Moroney) June 12, 2012, "Laterite Heap Leaching with Ferrous Lixiviants". Relates to a heap leaching process using ferrous ions to liberate nickel and cobalt.
  • 8,103,364 (Zuckerberg et al.) January 24, 2012, "Waste Disposal During Pit Mining". Relates to a method to optimize extraction and waste refill of material in a pit mine.
  • 8,070,851 (Muller et al.) December 6, 2011, "Chloride Heap Leaching". Relates to a hydrometallurgical method for recovering copper using an acid chloride solution or a mixed chloride/sulfate solution.
  • 8,021,634 (Roche et al.) September 20, 2011, "Sulfate Process". Relates to a process for producing titania from a titaniferous material.
  • 7,935,171 (Ratchev et al.) May 3, 2011, "Production of Metallic Nickel with Low Iron Content". Relates to a method to produce a metallic nickel product from a nickel containing liquor produced by leaching nickel ores or concentrates.
Chemical Patents and Applications
  • 8,217,103 (Thiele, et al.), July 10, 2012, "Silane-sulfide chain end modified elastomeric polymers". Relates to chain end modified elastomeric polymers and methods of making them. The polymers are useful in vulcanized rubber articles.
  • 7,781,387 (Feenstra et al.), August 24, 2010, "Automatic Phosphate-Free Dishwashing Detergent Providing Improved Spotting and Filming Performance". Relates to dry automatic dishwashing detergent that includes a spot reduction system that includes a polyacrylate and a carboxymethyl inulin.
  • 7,053,151 (Wang, et al.), May 30, 2006, "Grafted Biodegradable Polymer Blend Compositions". Relates to a method of grafting polar groups onto biodegradable polymers and modified biodegradable polymer compositions produced by the method. The polymer compositions are useful as components in flushable and degradable articles
  • 7,012,116 (Schertz, et al.), March 14, 2006, "Blend Compositions of an Unmodified Polyvinyl Alcohol and a Thermoplastic Elastomer". Relates to blend compositions of an unmodified poly vinyl alcohol and a thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic film and fiber structures comprising these blend compositions.
  • 6,953,622 (Tsai, et al.), October 11, 2005, "Biodegradable Bicomponent Fibers with Improved Thermal-Dimensional Stability". Relates to a bicomponent binder fiber comprising a first component containing a blend of an aliphatic polyester material and a multicarboxylic acid, and a second component of a polylactide polymer in a side-by-side configuration.
Cosmetic Patents and Applications
  • 8,202,556 (Rana, et al.), June 19, 2012, "Topical Composition with Skin Lightening Effect". Relates to a method of whitening skin with a composition that includes a pomegranate extract and a Siberian larch extract.
  • 8,197,865 (Glynn, et al.), June 12, 2012, "Methods and Compositions for Modulating Hair Growth or Regrowth". Relates to a method for increasing secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor by applying a composition that includes licochalcone, unfermented green rooibos extract, saw palmetto extract, and shiso extract.
  • 7,955,628 (Duvel, et al.), June 7, 2011, "Methods of Using Nonpolar Grape Seed Extracts to Stimulate Tyrosinase Expression of Melanin Synthesis". Relates to a method for providing an increased skin tan appearance by providing a composition that includes a non-polar grape seed extract.
  • 7,824,708 (Leverett, et al.), November 2, 2010, "Liposome Containing Cardiolipin for Improvement of Mitochondrial Function". Relates to a composition containing liposomes with cardiolipin embedded in the lipid bilayer.
  • 7,722,904 (Schneider et al.), May 25, 2010, "Compositions and Methods for Stimulating Synthesis of Pro-Collagen or Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid". Relates to a method for improving the appearance, texture or moisture of skin by applying a composition that includes Chia seed oil.
Nanotechnology Patents and Applications
  • 7,713,504 (Sabacky, et al.), May 11, 2010, "Method for Producing Mixed Metal Oxides and Metal Oxide Compounds". Relates to a process for making nano-sized mixed metal oxides.
  • 7,407,690 (Prochazka, et al.), August 5, 2008, "Process for Surface Modifications of TiO2 Particles and Other Ceramic Materials". Relates to a process for making nano-sized ceramic materials with a modified surface.
  • 6,982,073 (Sabacky, et al.), January 3, 2006, "Process for Making Nano-Sized Stabilized Zirconia". Relates to a process for producing nano-sized stabilized zirconium dioxide.
Food and Nutritional Technology Patents and Applications
  • 7,108,869 (Murray, et al.), September 19, 2006, "Nutritional Supplement Containing Alpha-glucosidase and Alpha-amylase Inhibitors". Relates to a method of limiting the absorption of carbohydrates contained in a foodstuff and to a method of promoting weight loss by administering the nutritional supplement.
  • 6,265,005 (Haverkos, et al.), July 24, 2001, "Coating Composition for Foods and Method of Improving Texture of Cooked Foods".
  • 6,086,928 (Stevens, et al.), July 11, 2000, "Whitened Food Products and Process for Producing the Same".
Green Technology Patents and Applications
  • 6,890,510 (Spitler, et al.), May 10, 2005, "Process for Making Lithium Titanate". Relates to a process for making nano-sized particles of lithium titanate that can be used for electrode material in lithium ion batteries.
  • 6,689,716 (Sabacky), February 10, 2004, "Method for Producing Catalyst Structures". A process for making microporous structures that can be used for fuel cells, sensors, electrochemical cells and the like.
Mechanical Patents and Applications
  • 8,196,611 (Witz et al.), June 12, 2012, "Pipe". Relates to a pipe structure useful for conveying cryogenic materials.
  • 8,079,619 (Witz et al.), December 20, 2011, "Hose End Fitting". Relates to a hose that includes an end fitting where the hose can be used in cryogenic conditions.
  • 7,686,103 (Pile), March 30, 2010, "Drill Bit with Radially Expandable Cutter, and Method of Using Same". Relates to a drill bit that has a structure to create a helical groove in a bore hole.
  • 7,322,116 (Long, et al.), January 29, 2008, "Laser Leveling Device Having a Suction Mounting Arrangement". Relates to devices that project laser lines and mount to a surface such as a wall.
  • 7,217,069 (Dils, et al.), May 15, 2007, "Hand-held Tool With a Removable Object Sensor". Relates to hand tools having a removable object sensor that can be used to detect hidden studs.
  • 7,128,324 (Yang, et al.), October 31, 2006, "Hammerlock Chuck". Relates to a chuck for hammer drilling.
  • 2012/00027157 (Kuczynski, et al.), February 2, 2012, "Nuclear Plant". Relates to a method of removing particles from a fluid stream in a nuclear plant.
  • 2011/0268508 (Witz), November 3, 2011, "Improvements Relating to Pipe". Relates to a pipeline comprising a composite pipe formed of a composite material.
  • 2010/0059133 (Witz), March 11, 2010, "Axially Reinforced Hose". Relates to a hose that includes a tubular body where the hose comprises a number of axial strengthening strips extending along the length of the hose.
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October 23, 2014
CHICAGO—Gary M. Ropski, a shareholder at intellectual property law firm Brinks Gilson & Lione and the firm's past president, has been named the #1 Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer in Illinois by Leading Lawyers, and fifty-nine ...
July 09, 2014
CHICAGO—Brinks Gilson & Lione has been recognized by The Legal 500 for the sixth consecutive year as one of the top U.S. firms for patent prosecution in utility and design, and for the first time the firm ranks as a top U.S. firm for ...
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  • Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer, Leading Lawyers Network, Law Bulletin Publishing Company, 2004, 2007, 2009-2012, 2014-2016
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    Chair, Hutchinson Writing Contest Committee, 1999-2003
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